RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape Lighting is a new and exciting type of lighting. It’s ultra thin and narrow, has a peel-and-stick backing and can be cut and connected at regular intervals along its length, letting you add lighting exactly where you want it. No soldering is required; quick-connectors are used to splice or join tape strips, and standard wiring is used to connect the lighting to a 12-volt power supply, color controller (for RGB tape lighting), or accessories such as an LED dimmer.

Cut to Size – Offers unlimited lighting design options for custom installations of any length.

Cut to Size – Offers unlimited lighting
design options for custom installations of any length.

Connect with ease – Use Armacost SureLock™ Connectors to join strips
and add power wires.

Peel and stick – Remove 3M paper backing from LED tape lighting and stick in place.


It is important to read the Installation Guidelines completely to understand how the product works, and how it can be configured, cut to size, and connected. Installation is well within the abilities of most with basic wiring skills such as stripping, splicing, extending and connecting wires.

All Armacost Lighting products and components come packaged with Installation Guidelines.

Download Installation Guidelines (in PDF format)

Additional Resources

RibbonFlex Pro is a well-designed system, and it’s as close to plug-and-play as you can achieve with custom lighting. However, for larger or more complicated installations that may not be covered in the instruction guidelines, email

Frequently asked installation questions

Use our online voltage drop calculator

Learn how to solder RibbonFlex Pro

Note: Always solder RibbonFlex Pro connections when your lighting application is for marine or RV use, never use connectors due to possible vehicle vibrations. Soldering is a fast and easy way to join wires and make splice connections. Soldering is also the surest method for making extra reliable electrical connections.