White LED RibbonFlex Pro, 120 LEDs per meter
White RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape LightRibbonFlex Pro White Tape Light, 120 LEDs per meter120 3528 product shot

White LED RibbonFlex Pro
120 LEDs per meter


RibbonFlex Pro LED tape lighting (120 LEDs per meter/~36 LEDs/ft.) enhances any setting with architectural-quality indirect lighting. Delivering about 750 lumens per meter, it’s well-suited for task or accent lighting installed very close to an adjacent surface, and fully dimmable. Each LED delivers outstanding light output with high color accuracy and color consistency.

Manufactured for custom installations, RibbonFlex Pro is highly configurable to meet the design needs for residential and commercial applications. Add creative lighting to tray ceilings, coves and under, over and inside cabinets. Accent architectural elements, display cabinets, bookcases, shelving, or anywhere brighter illumination is desired. At only 1/8 in. thick and 3/8 in. wide, RibbonFlex Pro lighting is easy to hide and will fit almost any space – straight, curved or irregular. Cut to size or easily link together for longer lengths; 3M high-bond adhesive backing for easy peel and stick. Low voltage safe, requires a 12-volt DC power supply (sold separately).

By-the-Foot: RibbonFlex Pro tape light is available by-the-foot, but does not include wire leads, connectors or accessories. By-the-foot lighting is economical when added as a supplement to the 8.2 ft. and 16.4 ft. versions. Use a SureLock splice, corner, or wire lead connector to join the by-the-foot segments to your existing lighting.

  • Models available in .

Product Description

  • Order by length, color temperature (warm or natural white).
  • Fully dimmable; the type of dimmer you choose will be based on how you want to connect and install your LED lighting. Read more
  • Use quick-connect SureLock connectors to join strips and power wires. Includes clear, concise installation guidelines and requires only basic wiring skills; no special tools.
  • Model # RF3528120 (120 white LEDs per meter) can be cut to size every 1 in. (25mm) or easily linked together to create longer lengths of lighting.
  • 3M high-bond adhesive tape backing makes positioning and installation as easy as peel-and-stick.
  • Requires a 12-volt DC power supply, sold separately. View options
  • For RV and boat interiors, tape lighting can be powered directly by a 12-volt battery, AC/DC power supply not required.
  • Contents by product length:
    • 8.2 ft. and 16.4 ft.: includes one SureLock wire-lead connector, one SureLock splice connector, two peel-and-stick wire support clips, wire leads at both ends of the strip, and instructions.
    • 32.8 ft and By-the-Foot: includes instructions. Does not include any connectors, wire support clips or wire leads.

Download Installation Guidelines

warm white vs. natural whiteWarm white LED lighting emits more yellow light. Natural white, also known as neutral or bright white, outputs a more pure white color and less yellow. Incandescent bulbs are considered very warm white while fluorescent lighting is often seen as cold or having a cooler white color temperature.
The color temperature of light is measured as a number on the Kelvin (K) scale (e.g., 3000K, 4000K). High color temperatures output a brighter light and temperatures above 5000K are said to be cool, often with a blue tone to them.
color temperature scaleFrom our experience, customers choose Armacost Lighting’s RibbonFlex Pro warm white LEDs (about 3000K) to complement wood tones and rich colors. Natural white LEDs (about 4000K) are chosen when a more modern look is desired, such as accent lighting for a kitchen setting with cooler colors like grays, blues, blacks and stainless steel.


  • Long-life 50,000 hour LEDs; maintenance free
  • Beam Angle: 120° wide for smooth, even light distribution.
  • Input Voltage: 12-volt DC
  • LED Count: 120 LEDs/m (~36 LEDs/ft.)
  • LED Module: SMD 3528
  • Chip Size: 10 x 23
  • Tape Height/Width: 2mm x 8mm (~1/8 in. X 3/8 in.)
  • Cuttable: Every 1 in. approx (25mm)
  • Lumens Per LED: Approx. 7+ lm
  • Color Temperature (CCT) Warm White: ~3000
  • Color Temperature (CCT) Natural White: ~4000
  • Color Accuracy (CRI): ~80+
  • Listings: CE, RoHS, CSA. Conforms to UL standard 8750MFG, Class 2 NEC compliant; contains no mercury, emits no damaging ultraviolet/infrared (UV/IR) radiation

Limited 3-year warranty. Improper installation, improper powering, abuse, or failure to use this LED tape light for its intended purpose will void warranty. LED tape light cannot be returned or exchanged once cut unless under warranty replacement.