Choose from DC low-voltage or 120-volt AC dimmers.

Low-voltage dimmers are for use with Armacost Lighting Standard Electronic Power Supplies.

For brightness control when using 120-volt AC dimmers (Lutron and Leviton brands as an example) you must use Armacost Lighting AC Dimmable Power Supplies.

Still not sure what to buy? To learn more about what may be the best dimmer for you, visit dimming basics.

Low-Voltage Dimmers

Low-voltage dimmers are used with Standard Electronic Power Supplies. Low-voltage dimmers connect easily on the low-voltage side anywhere between your power supply and the LED lighting. To view a typical step-by-step DIY installation project using a low-voltage dimmer, take a look at this article from This Old House magazine.

Typical installation with a low-voltage dimmer and a standard power supply

Typical installation showing a plug-in standard LED power supply

120-Volt AC Dimmers

120-volt AC standard dimmers must be used with Armacost AC Dimmable Power Supplies. They are desirable to use if you already have a dimmer or an outlet controlled by a wall switch where your power supply will be connected. Simply replace the on/off AC switch with an AC dimmer and use a dimmable power supply. They are also used in new construction.

Typical installation showing a plug-in standard LED power supplyDimmable Power Supplies are hard-wired to a 120-volt AC line controlled by a dimmer switch.