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Check out the posts below for installation tips and tricks. Whether it’s a residential or commercial application setting, any space will benefit from long-lasting, energy-efficient, beautiful accent lighting. From recessed mini lights to highlight a deck, to light a dark cove with tape lighting, LED accent lighting offers virtually limitless application possibilities. 

  • Kitchens, baths, dens, dining areas, closets, and media rooms
  • China and glassware cabinets, trophy cases
  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality venues
  • Retail store accent and product lighting
  • Museums, galleries, and antique stores
  • Wine and liquor displays in restaurants and bars
  • Tradeshow and exhibition lighting for graphics and artwork
  • RV and boat interior recessed light

RGB vs. RGBW LED Strip Light. What’s the Difference?

RGB LED strip lights have been on the market for a while now and have been a great solution for previously unheard of accent lighting features. RGB strip lights have opened the door to creative and colorful LED installations. These LEDs strips give customers a wide range of customizable color for completely unique lighting installations. Due to the popularity of RGB LED strip lights, a new tape light… read more

How to Select an LED Driver

Installing LED lighting is a low-cost and energy efficient way to add accent or task lighting anywhere in your home or business. A critical part of installing custom LED lighting is choosing the LED driver that meets your needs. While this may seem like an easy task… read more

Various LED lighting dimmers

How Do I Dim LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are a great solution for any lighting project calling for low-voltage lighting. While these lights are great at adding additional brightness to any room, sometimes there is a need for dynamic brightness control….read more

Various LED tape light kits

Selecting the Right LED Tape Light Kit for Your Home

Accent lighting is a great way to bring custom style and brightness to any room in your home. Historically, these types of projects could be challenging, costly and time consuming for homeowners often requiring the help of professional contractors. With the advent of LED lighting and more specifically LED strip light kits, the issues with “self-installing” accent lighting….read more