LED dimming basics for white LED lighting

The type of dimmer you choose will be based on how you want to connect and install your LED lighting. Knowing your options will help you choose the right dimming method that will work best with your installation, lighting needs and budget.

Two types of LED dimmers: 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC

It is important to understand the differences of these two types of dimming systems.

When to use a 12-volt DC low-voltage dimmer

Use a 12-volt low-voltage dimming system when a switched 120-volt power source or an outlet controlled by a wall switch is not readily available.

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Wireless Switch Standard Electronic Power Supply 2-in-1 LED Dimmer with RF Wireless Touchpad 2-in-1 LED Dimmer LED Cabinet Down Light

Armacost Lighting 12-volt DC dimmers are low-voltage safe and connect between a Standard Electronic Power Supply and your 12-volt LED lighting. These dimmers can be installed in a wall or surface mounted.

A wireless dimmer keypad is also available. If you do not have a wall switch you can also add switched outlet convenience by using an Armacost Lighting Wireless Wall Switch. Of course you can still switch your lighting on and off via an AC wall switch if installed in the circuit that controls your power supply.

When to use a 120-volt AC dimmer (Lutron Style)

An AC dimmer is a good option when you already have a switched 120-volt power source or an outlet controlled by a wall switch. This system is often used when retrofitting existing incandescent or fluorescent lighting with LED lighting.

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LED Cabinet Down Light

You must use specific models of Lutron dimmers that are compatible with an Armacost Lighting AC Dimmable Power Supply. They must be hardwired to replace an existing dimmer or wall switch that controls 120-volt AC household power to the power supply. They can also be professionally installed as part of a lighting plan in new construction.