LED Strip Light Connectors

Armacost Lighting offers a full range of LED strip light solderless connector accessories available for use with White / Single Color, RGB / Multi-Color and RGB+W / Multi-Color + White tape light deployments. Available in 2 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin designs, solderless connectors are a quick and easy way to manage any accent, task or under cabinet lighting project. LED strip connectors can be used to with extension cables to connect pieces of tape light to jump obstacles, turn corners, splice sections and connect low voltage power to controls and tape lighting.

White / Single Color LED Strip Light Solderless Connectors

LED light strip connectors provide easy, secure connections without soldering.  2-pin LED strip connectors are used for white or single color light strips.  Connect your LED strip light ribbons to the driver, extra wire, or to other cut strips.

RGB / Multi-Color LED Strip Light Solderless Connectors

Connect RGB / Multi-Color LED Strip Lights with 4-pin connectors.  Solderless connector accessories create secure connections to drivers, extra wire, or tape-to-tape.

RGB+W / Multi-Color + White LED Strip Light Solderless Connectors

5-pin LED strip light connectors are used to create secure connections for RGB+W / Multi-Color + White LED Strip Lights.  Connect your LED strip tape lights to drivers, wire, or extended strips of tape light without soldering.