New Products from Armacost Lighting

Introducing the latest innovations from your preferred LED lighting product experts.

Introducing Next Generation White LED Controls

Newly designed ProLine Rotary Knob Dimmer, Wireless Wall Mount Touchpad, and Rotary Knob Dimmer for complete, flicker-free control for white or single color LED lighting.

See product pages for compatibility requirements.

Wireless Wall Mount Touchpads for White, RGB, and RGB+W LED Dimmers

Add wireless control to your LED lighting installations with the new Wireless LED Dimmer Touchpads from Armacost Lighting.  With a slim, low-profile design, they are easily mounted on the wall or in a standard or multi-gang switch box.  Pair with your White, RGB, or RGB Plus White LED lights and dimmers; see product pages for compatibility requirements.

Multicolor + White Outdoor Waterproof IP67 Strip Light Tape

The new RibbonFlex Pro Outdoor IP67 RGB+W Strip Light Tape from Armacost Lighting features 30 RGB and 30 White LED diodes that deliver multiple color options and soft bright white light, ideal for a variety of creative outdoor LED lighting projects, including decks, docks, and holiday décor.

24 Volt Single Color LED Strip Light Tape

RibbonFlex Pro 24V Single Color LED Strip Light Tape from Armacost Lighting delivers a dedicated single color display, ideal for commercial displays, signage, safety lighting, and holiday décor projects.

RibbonFlex Home 12V White LED Strip Light Tape

Armacost Lighting’s RibbonFlex Home White LED Strip Light Tape provides good performance at a great value. 30 LEDs per meter create a subtle light; ideal for a variety of applications, including small projects such as closets and shelves, as well as under cabinet, toe kick, and decorative bathroom lighting projects. 

Universal+ Dimmable Power Supplies

Introducing Armacost Lighting’s premium high power factor Universal+ Dimming LED Power Supplies. With a power factor of 0.95+, these top-of-the-line drivers maximize efficiency and work equally well with both TRIAC forward and ELV reverse phase dimming.  The compact and lightweight drivers deliver smooth, flicker-free dimming from 0-100% with no pop-on or pop-off. 

Available in 24, 45, and 60 Watt models in both 12-volt and 24-volt for all your LED lighting installation needs.


High CRI LED Tape Light

Featuring a 90+ CRI rating, the RibbonFlex Pro 24-Volt Premium CRI White LED Tape Light from Armacost Lighting ensures high-quality, vivid lighting in applications where accurate color presentation is important.

CRI is calculated as a value with a maximum possible score of 100. A high CRI score of 90 or above indicates that a light source will make objects appear very similar to how they would look under the natural lighting of the sun.

Available in Warm White, Soft White, and Bright White.

24-Volt White LED Tape Light

Armacost Lighting’s RibbonFlex Pro 24-Volt White LED Tape Light allows for longer strip light installations, which is perfect for large projects. Ideal for a variety of accent lighting applications, including above or under cabinet lighting, tray ceiling lighting, and shelving lighting. 

Available in 30, 60, and 120 LEDs per meter in three color temperatures and two lengths.

Specialty White LED Tape Light & Tape Light Kits

Explore our newly expanded line of specialty LED tape lights with advanced technology for a premium look.  Available in strip light components and complete DIY LED lighting kits for your unique installation needs. 

Introducing Chip-on-Board (COB) technology for a brilliant continuous strip of light that is free of visible LED dots. Ideal for shiny, reflective surfaces.

Chip-on-Board (COB) Technology

LED Tape Light Mounting Channels

Choose from 5 styles of aluminum diffusing channels for your next LED tape light installation to soften and evenly distribute the visible strip light output.  Surface, recess, corner, u-shape, and bendable mounting channels can be added to under cabinet lighting, stairs, ceilings, walls, floors, or any custom LED tape light installation to create a premium, spot-free look.

Introducing silver, black, and white finishes, adhesive tape, and a full line of mounting hardware accessory packs.

24-Volt White Outdoor IP67 LED Tape Light

Now with upgraded waterproof technology, Armacost Lighting’s RibbonFlex Pro 24-Volt White Outdoor IP67 LED Tape Light is ideal for outdoor LED accent lighting projects, such as decks, porches, landscapes, vehicles, docks, and more. The 24V silicone coated LED tape light is great for longer length installations while still being energy efficient. 

What does Waterproof Rated IP67 Mean?

IP67 means the strip light is waterproof, but not meant to be used fully submersed underwater.  IP67 rated tape light is 100% protected from dust and sand and protected against immersion in water between 15cm – 1m deep for up to 30 minutes.