Choose the right power supply for your LED lighting needs

Unless otherwise stated, all Armacost LED accent lighting requires a power supply to convert 120-volt household AC power to safe-to-handle low voltage DC power. Power supplies come in different styles and wattages, and they are sometimes referred to as transformers, AC/DC adaptors, or LED drivers. RV, boat, and solar applications can be powered directly by 12-volt DC battery – a power supply is not needed.

Typical installation using a plug-in standard LED power supply:


In this scenario, the low voltage output from the power supply is connected to a dimmer which controls the brightness of the LED lighting.

Always select a power supply based on the total power (watts) required for your lighting design, and choose a model with an output that equals or exceeds your calculated need. For installations combining LED tape lighting and other accent LED lights on a single circuit, add the wattage requirements together to determine the power supply needed.

The watts required for each Armacost LED lighting product can be found in their associated instructions. Download the instructions PDF from the product page at

There are two types of Armacost Lighting power supplies, standard and AC dimmable.

30 Watt LED Power Supply – remove endcap to direct wire

For Multi-Color LED lighting, choose a standard power supply with sufficient output to power your LED lighting. You will need an Armacost Lighting Multi-Color Controller for brightness control and to select a color or desired color changing effect.

For White or Single-Color LED lighting, you can choose either standard or an AC dimmable power supply based on how you want to control your lighting.

Standard Power Supplies

The easiest installations involve plugging a standard power supply into a household AC outlet. An optional low-voltage dimmer switch can be used for brightness control and to turn on/off your LED lighting. These devices connect on the low-voltage side anywhere between your power supply and LED lighting.


Wall-Mount-Wireless-Touchpad-for-White Dimmers-523121-contentsWireless dimmer switch options are also available. These are useful in situations where installing new wiring can be difficult. Choose from RF designer-style touchpads or Wi-Fi® controllers that work with your iOS or Android device and/or a simple wall-mounted wireless switch. To view a typical step-by-step DIY RibbonFlex Pro installation project using an Armacost standard power supply with a wireless dimmer, download and view this article from This Old House magazine.

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AC Dimmable LED Driver Power Supplies

Armacost Lighting’s Dimmable LED Driver power supplies are the preferred choice for professionals and homeowners for full-range brightness control of white LED lighting products using common, in-wall AC dimming controls.

Armacost Universal Dimming LED Drivers are compatible with forward phase dimmers such as the Lutron CL series of dimmers. Armacost Universal+ Dimmable Power Supplies are compatible with both forward phase and reverse phase (Electronic Low Voltage) dimmers. Universal+ Power Supplies also feature a power factor of 0.95+ for jurisdictions where that is required.

Connected lighting throughout your home with Armacost Universal Dimmable LED Drivers

Generally, dimmable LED drivers require a hard-wire connection to your household circuit. Dimmable power supplies are a great option when you are replacing existing incandescent or fluorescent under-cabinet lighting or when you have an electrical outlet controlled by a wall switch. Simply hard wire the dimmable driver to the existing outlet wiring, and replace the on/off AC switch with an AC dimmer.

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Typical wiring diagram when used with an AC dimmer:


Multiple LED driversLarge lighting applications may require the use of multiple dimmable LED drivers/power supplies. For synchronized on/off and brightness control of LED lighting on multiple power supplies, connect a 120-volt AC dimmer to multiple Armacost Lighting Dimmable LED Drivers.

AC cord and plugAn optional AC cord and plug is available with Armacost dimming drivers to use with a plug-in style AC dimmers.