45-Watt Dimming LED Driver
24-Volt DC Power Supply


Armacost Lighting’s new 45 Watt Universal Dimming LED Lighting Driver provides the utmost in dimming performance, reliability, economy and versatility. It uses an integrated microprocessor to automatically sense and optimize LED dimming performance based on the load and type of dimmer being used. This electronic, solid-state power supply is also compatible with the Armacost low-voltage 12-24 volt DC dimmers and RGB LED lighting controllers.

The 45 watt universal power supply works equally well whether powering a 3-watt LED puck light or 24 watts of tape lighting, or a combination of both. No minimum power load is required for effective, flicker-free dimming. Connect up to 100% of the rated 45 watt maximum load.

  • Smooth, full range flicker-free dimming, no “pop-on” or “drop-off” of lighting
  • Compatible with 120-volt AC dimmers and lighting controls
  • Compatible with all Armacost Lighting 12-24 volt DC wireless dimmers and RGB controllers
  • Suitable for use in dry and damp locations
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  • For direct wire installations. Simply remove end caps to access on-board terminal block connectors; use NM 14AWG 2C cable (Romex® style) to tie in with 120-volt AC line voltage
  • Uses desirable soft start on and fade off technology
  • No minimum power load; dimming works equally well whether powering a single 3-watt LED puck light or 45 watts of tape lighting, or a combination of both
  • Connect up to 100% of the rated 45-watt maximum load – derating performance is not required
  • Class 2 power supply is intrinsically safe
  • NEC Class II AC input requires no ground wire connection
  • Safety features include automatic shut-off in case of lighting overload, open circuit, short circuit, over-temperature or other faults; the unit will automatically restart after the fault is corrected
  • Limited 3-year warranty. Failure to use this power supply for its intended purpose or improper installation will void the warranty.

Armacost Dimmable LED Drivers are compatible with both forward phase (leading edge, triac, incandescent) and reverse phase (electronic low voltage, ELV, and trailing edge) AC dimmers, including higher-end lighting controls, such as Lutron GRAFIK Eye® systems. They are also compatible with low-voltage PWM dimmers and RGB color controllers.

Although virtually all dimmers will work with Armacost Dimmable LED Drivers, Armacost Lighting recommends dimmers that can be programmed or have an adjustment dial to set the low-end dimming range, such as Lutron® C•L and Leviton IllumaTech® Universal Dimmers. These dimmers are readily available in stores and offered in a wide range of styles and colors.

*Disconnect AC cord plug when using an AC dimmer. The National Electrical Code®  (NEC) prohibits dimming lights that are connected to standard plug-in receptacle outlet (note that this does not apply to wireless plug-in “lamp dimmers”). Use direct wire installation method with an AC dimmer or use an Armacost Lighting low-voltage dimmer on the 12-volt side. 

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