60 Watt Dimming LED Driver
12-Volt DC Power Supply


Armacost Lighting’s 0-60 Watt Dimmable Electronic Power Supply features the latest in safety technology and protection. For example, if a short circuit or overload is detected, a sensing circuit will instantly shut down the 12V DC output before any of the components are stressed. This technology also prolongs LED and resistor life during power surges. The unit will automatically restart after the fault is corrected. It works equally well whether powering a 3 watt LED puck light or 60 watts of tape lighting, or a combination of both. No minimum power load is required. Connect up to 100% of the rated 60 watt maximum load.

(Compatible with AC Dimming Switches Only)



  • Delivers highly efficient, stabilized 12V DC power. No minimum load required, optimized for low voltage lighting, 0-60 watts max
  • Fully dimmable, designed to work best with ELV Reverse Phase dimmers, including all Lutron and Leviton ELV dimmer models
  • Also compatible with select Forward Phase control dimmers such as Lutron’s C•L and Leviton’s Decora dimmers, see dimmer compatibility list for details
  • Hardwire connected, includes NEMA UL approved enclosure and comes prepackaged with wire nuts and mounting screws
  • Automatic shut-off in case of lighting overload, open circuit, short circuit, over temperature or other fault. Power supply will automatically restart after the fault has been corrected.
  • Conforms to UL standard 2108. Certified to Canada/CSA standard C22.2 No. 250.0-08, 3rd Edition.

Dimmer compatibility list
Download Installation Guidelines

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