Heat Shrink Tubes


Armacost Lighting’s Heat Shrink Tubes provide a secure, insulated water-resistant covering for LED tape lights and accessories.  Heat shrink tubing material shrinks to create a tight seal when heat is applied using a heat gun.  Create professional and sleek LED strip lighting connections in outdoor or high moisture areas.  4:1 heat shrink ratio provides good tightness and stable connections.
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  • Contains five 2″ clear shrink tubes
  • Ideal for use with Armacost Lighting LED tape light connectors
  • Create a weatherproof seal around spliced wires to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Tubes will shrink up to 1/4 of its original size; use heat gun to shrink tubes to desired fit
  • Suitable for electrical, insulation, cable bonding, automotive, appliance, and craft applications
  • Heat shrink tubing adds stability and improves the aesthetics of soldered joints
  • Also works well for headphone and phone cables