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Mini Recessed LED Light with 1.5 in. Round Brushed Steel Trim, eyelid light shield, included light diffusers and color filters
1.5 in. Round Mini Light Trims – White Powder Coat, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Steel, White Polycarbonate, Black Polycarbonate1.5 in. Square Mini Light Trim – Black Polycarbonate, White Polycarbonate, Bronze Polycarbonate, Silver Polycarbonate2.75 in. Round Mini Light Trims – Brushed Steel, Brushed Bronze, Matte White Metal, Black MetalStainless Steel Mini Light Trims – 1.75 in. Antique Brushed Copper Finish Bidirectional, 1.75 in. Antique Brushed Copper Finish Unidirectional, 1.75 in. Polished Finish Bidirectional, 1.75 in. Polished Finish Unidirectional, 1.5 in. Antique Brushed Copper Finish, 1.5 in. Polished FinishMini Recessed LED Light with 1.5 in. Round Brushed Steel Trim – with and without eyelid light shieldMini Recessed LED Light with 1.5 in. Square Black Polycarbonate TrimMini Recessed LED Light with 2.75 in. Round Matte White Metal TrimMini Recessed Light with optional Black Polycarbonate Square TrimMini Recessed Light with Brushed Steel Round TrimMini Recessed Light with 1.5 in. Brushed Steel Round TrimMini Recessed Light with 1.5 in. Brushed Steel Round TrimWarm White vs. Bright White (shown with 1.5 in. Brushed Steel Trim)

Mini Recessed
LED Puck Light –
for Indoor or Outdoor Use


With 13 different trim styles and colors available, this extremely versatile and fully dimmable 1-watt LED light provides beautiful architectural quality lighting in an ultra compact, long-lasting fixture. Available in warm or bright white color temperatures and includes diffusers and filters to further adjust color and tone. 12-volt, low-voltage safe, and rated for dry or wet locations, this lighting solution is perfect for a wide range of applications, from illuminating inside cabinets and display cases to brightening nooks and alcoves, or as accent lighting for bathroom showers and wet bars. Other uses include: hallway, pathway, and step risers; patios and decks. Requires a 12-volt DC power supply, sold separately (see below). Can be direct wired to 12-volt battery, excellent lighting for boats and RVs.

  • Endless lighting uses limited only by your imagination
  • Bright and ultra efficient, LED light uses only 1 watt
  • Install just one or link several together to fit design needs

Backing Nut for Mini Recessed LED Puck Light

Backing Nut for Mini Recessed LED Light

For thin wall applications and to keep water from seeping through the hole cutout.

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Product Description

  • Each light comes with an 8 in. power lead, 2 white opaque diffusers, and 6 color filters: red, green, yellow, 2 shades of blue, and an ultra warm color temperature gold filter.
  • Select 1.5 in. round trim rings will include a detachable color-matched eyelid light shield that, when used, will direct illumination downward. Useful for path lighting, walls or focusing the light output on an object.
  • Each light uses 1 watt at full brightness. Purchase a power supply with sufficient wattage output to power the number of LED lights you’re installing, fixture can be direct wired to 12-volt battery.
  • Fully dimmable with Armacost 12-volt LED dimmers or standard in-wall dimmers when used with Armacost dimming LED power supplies, download the instruction guide to learn more.
  • 1 in. diameter housing is fully sealed,  maintenance-free and listed for dry or wet location use.
  • Submersible up to 20 in.
  • At full brightness, light output is about 80 lumens, color rendering index (CRI) is 80+.
  • 45° beam angle, available in two color temperature options: Warm White ~2,950K or Bright White ~4,100K.
  • Other Armacost component-based white LED lights and tape lighting can be linked together or combined in the same 12-volt circuit with these LED lights.
  • Highly efficient, each light is rated for 35,000 hours.
  • ETL listed for safety, IC Rated, light generates little heat, runs cool-to-the touch, contains no mercury, and produces no harmful UV or infrared radiation.
  • Limited 2-year warranty.

Download Installation Guidelines