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Pro Series 30 Color
RGB LED Controller


This RGB LED color controller is an easy-to-use device for both 12-volt DC and 24-volt DC RGB LED lighting. Use the touch controls to cycle forward or backward through 30 preprogrammed static colors, including shades of white, and 9 dynamic color-changing effects.  Optional RF wireless touchpad available.

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Product Description

  • 30 preprogrammed static colors, including shades of white
  • 9 dynamic color-changing effects
  • Adjustable brightness levels for static colors and certain effects
  • Adjustable speed for all color-changing effects
  • Built-in memory, unit will remember last color or effect after powered off
  • Easy to wire using onboard screw-down terminal block connections

Download Installation Guidelines

Colors & Effects

  1. Cool Bright White
  2. Pink
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Lemon Yellow
  6. Ice Blue
  7. Champagne White
  8. Light Blue
  9. Purple

  1. Sapphire
  2. Lime Green
  3. Pure White
  4. Light Purple
  5. Emerald Green
  6. Sunrise Yellow
  7. Natural White
  8. Lavender
  9. Goldenrod

  1. Kelly Green
  2. Arctic Blue
  3. Arctic White
  4. Sea Foam
  5. Purple White
  6. Blue Crystal
  7. Warm White
Color-Changing Effects
  1. Quick change flash: Red, Green, Blue
  2. Seven color quick change: Red, Green, Yellow, Ice Blue, Purple, Aqua, and White
  3. Pulsing dissolve Red, Green, Blue
  4. Seven color dissolve: Red, Green, Yellow, Ice Blue, Purple, Aqua, White
  5. White Strobe Flash, very slow or incredibly fast
  6. Red, White, Blue Cross Fade
  7. Green, White, Red Cross Fade
  8. Red, White Cross Fade
  9. Red, Green Cross Fade