White RibbonFlex Home LED Tape Light, 120 LEDs/meter, 950 lumens/meter, High Density LEDs
White RibbonFlex Home LED Tape Light – hallway accent lightingRibbonFlex Pro vs. RibbonFlex Home LED Tape LightingWhite RibbonFlex Home LED Tape Light – bedroom accent lightingWhite RibbonFlex Home LED Tape Light, 120 LEDs per meterWhite RibbonFlex Home LED Tape Light – bathroom accent lightingWhite RibbonFlex Home LED Tape Light, 120 LEDs per meterColor temperatures: 2700K Soft White, 3000K Soft Bright White, 4000K Bright White

RibbonFlex Home
LED Tape Light
120 LEDs per meter


  • Uses SMD 3528 LED modules – 120 LEDs per meter (about 36 LEDs per ft.) – to produce 950 lumens of light output per meter (about 290 lumens per ft.)
  • Great for under cabinet lighting and well suited for any general task lighting project where bright illumination is required, yet is fully dimmable
  • High density LEDs allow for the tape light to be installed close to an adjacent surface to provide the most seamless illumination with no bright light spots
  • Fully dimmable with standard in-wall dimmers when used with Armacost AC Dimmable Power Supplies
  • Also dimmable with Armacost Lighting’s line of 12-volt dimmers, wireless and Wi-Fi controls, (iOS and Android)
  • Series 120 tape light can be cut every 25mm (approximately every 1 in.)

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How to choose a power supply
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Product Description


Order by color temperature and reel length.

All lengths (except 10 meter reels) include:
(1) Series 120 LED tape light
(2) low-voltage power wire leads, 48-in. wire lead on one end, 8-in. wire lead on other end
(1) SureLock Wire Lead Connector for bridging gaps
(1) SureLock Splice Connector for extending tape strip lengths
(2) Peel-and-stick Wire Support Clips
Detailed planning and installation guide

  • Requires a 12-volt DC power supply, sold separately. View options
  • Fully dimmable; the type of dimmer you choose will be based on how you want to connect and install your LED lighting. Read more
  • Fully customizable, cut to size every 2 inches or easily connect strips together to create longer lengths; uses 3M high-bond adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation
  • Tape height/width is about 2mm x 8mm (~1/8 in. X 3/8 in.), easy to hide and will fit almost any space – straight, curved or irregular
  • A typical 8 ft. length tape light will use about 23 watts of power at 100% brightness, much less when dimmed
  • For RV and boat interiors, tape lighting can be powered directly by a 12-volt battery, AC/DC power supply not required
  • CSA logoCSA listed, conforms to UL standard 8750MFG,
    Class 2 NEC compliant, for dry location use only
  • Limited two-year warranty

Download Installation Guidelines

Soft white 2700K is similar to the color temperature of standard incandescent light bulbs, and produces a soothing, warm golden/yellow color.

Soft bright white 3000K is a little whiter, but is still warm, more like halogen light. It is a clean natural color and a popular balance between warm and cool white.
Bright white 4000K is a natural/neutral white, closer to the color of sunlight — not too cool and without a bluish tint.

Color temperature comparison: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Additional Information

Color temperature

Soft Bright White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), Soft White (2700K)


8.2 feet (2.5 meters), 16.4 feet (5 meters), 32.8 feet (10 meters)