RigidStrip 2 in. Jumper ConnectorRigidStrip 2 in. Jumper Connector

RigidStrip 2 in. Jumper Connector


RigidStrip Jumper Connectors are used for making angled turns and bridging small gaps in your lighting layout. They provide a low-profile connection for extending around corners. Easy to use—no soldering is required to make a secure, reliable connection.

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  • RigidStrip lights connect end-to-end in a straight line with integrated connectors. Purchase one 2-in. RigidStrip Jumper Connector for each gap or turn in your RigidStrip Lighting.
  • Use the connector as-is to make short turns of any angle between two lights.
  • Cut the connector in half and use wire-to-wire splice methods to extend the connector and cover larger gaps between lights
  • Do not exceed 8 RigidStrip lights in one circuit.

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