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SlimLight Cable Gripper Ceiling Mount
SlimLight Cable Gripper Ceiling MountSlimLight installed with Cable Gripper Ceiling MountsSlimLight options include a Canopy Kit and a Cable Gripper Kit (each sold separately) that facilitate an elegant installation on a flat ceiling. One Canopy Kit allows up to 10 SlimLights linked together to be powered by one ceiling electrical box. Use one Cable Gripper for the other end of SlimLight, and two for each additional linked light.

SlimLight Cable Gripper Ceiling Mount


For a more refined linear pendant light design, suspend the SlimLight from a smooth, finished ceiling using Cable Gripper Ceiling Mounts. Cut the suspension cables included with the SlimLight to the desired length and attach to the Cable Grippers. Purchase one for use with a Canopy Conversion Kit when the SlimLight is wired to a standard round ceiling electrical box, and two for any additional linked SlimLights.







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Product Description

What’s included:

  • Two (1) Cable Gripper
  • Two (1) mounting screw
  • Two (1) drywall anchor