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White RibbonFlex Home LED Tape Light, 60 LEDs/meter, 525 lumens/meter, Wet Location
White RibbonFlex Home Tape Light, 60 LEDs per meter, Wet LocationRibbonFlex Pro vs. RibbonFlex Home LED Tape LightingColor temperatures: 2700K Soft White, 3000K Soft Bright White, 4000K Bright White

RibbonFlex Home
60 LED/m Tape Light
White Wet Location/Outdoor


  • Uses SMD 3528 LED modules – 60 LEDs per meter (about 18 LEDs per ft.) – to produce 525 lumens of light output per meter (about 160 lumens per ft.)
  • A good all-around solution for accent lighting and lower brightness task lighting such as under cabinets and in toe-kick areas; its greater LED density provides brighter illumination and a more seamless glow than series 30
  • Fully dimmable with standard in-wall dimmers when used with Armacost AC Dimmable Power Supplies
  • Also dimmable with Armacost Lighting’s line of 12-volt dimmers, wireless and Wi-Fi controls, (iOS and Android)
  • Series 60/525 tape lighting can be cut every 50mm (approximately every 2 in.)

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How to choose a power supply
Download Installation Guidelines
Download Wet Location Supplement


Product Description


Order by color temperature and reel length. You can also purchase extra strips “by-the-foot” in custom lengths up to 7 feet maximum. For example, if you need 10 ft. of lighting, instead of buying two 8 ft. reels, order one 8 ft. reel plus 2 ft. of lighting and use a splice connector to join strips.

All lengths (except 10 meter reels) include:

(1) Series 60/525 LED tape light
(2) Low-voltage power wire leads, 48-in. wire lead on one end, 8-in. wire lead on other end
(1) SureLock Wire Lead Connector for bridging gaps
(1) SureLock Splice Connector for extending tape strip lengths
(2) Peel-and-stick Wire Support Clips
Detailed planning and installation guide

  • Requires a 12-volt DC power supply, sold separately. View options
  • Fully dimmable; the type of dimmer you choose will be based on how you want to connect and install your LED lighting. Read more
  • Fully customizable, cut to size every 2 inches (50mm) or easily connect strips together to create longer lengths; uses 3M high-bond adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation
  • Tape height/width is about 2mm x 8mm (~1/8 in. X 3/8 in.), easy to hide and will fit almost any space – straight, curved or irregular
  • A typical 8 ft. length tape light has will use about 14 watts of power at 100% brightness, much less when dimmed
  • For RV and boat interiors, tape lighting can be powered directly by a 12-volt battery, AC/DC power supply not required
  • CSA logoCSA listed, conforms to UL standard 8750MFG,
    Class 2 NEC compliant
  • Limited two-year warranty

Download Installation Guidelines
Download Wet Location Supplement

Soft white 2700K is similar to the color temperature of standard incandescent light bulbs, and produces a soothing, warm golden/yellow color.

Soft bright white 3000K is a little whiter, but is still warm, more like halogen light. It is a clean natural color and a popular balance between warm and cool white.
Bright white 4000K is a natural/neutral white, closer to the color of sunlight — not too cool and without a bluish tint.

Color temperature comparison: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Approximate watts used per meter at full brightnessHow to calculate total wattage required in lighting system
Using the chart above, determine the watts used in each leg of lighting. A straight run is considered one leg. A center feed is two equal length legs of lighting. An array can have many legs. Include only the lengths of LED tape in your calculation, not the connecting wires.
Add together the watts used in each leg of lighting to get total watts required. Note: this is when lighting is at 100% full brightness and when it will use the most watts energy.
Maximum recommended tape length