White/Single Color IP67 Outdoor Tape to Tape Connector – 2 Pack


2-Pin IP67 Outdoor Tape to Tape Connectors from Armacost Lighting are used to connect 2 sections of white IP67 tape light. Make turns or jump installation obstacles with no soldering. Create tight, secure connections for 2C white, 8mm-wide IP67 tape light. Use with 14mm Heat Shrink Tubes (Item 970020, sold separately) and a heat gun to make a water-tight connection. Great for large or custom outdoor LED lighting installations for residential, commercial, RV and boating.

For use with RibbonFlex Pro 24-Volt White Outdoor IP67 LED Tape Light in 30 LEDs/meter and 60 LEDs/meter.


  • Works with Armacost Lighting White Outdoor IP67 Tape Light
  • Easy to use: Secure connections with no soldering
  • Cut in half to create two wire leads: Simply splice in the needed length of 2C wire to jump obstacles
  • Weatherproof: Make water-tight connections with a heat gun and 14mm Heat Shrink Tubes (sold separately)
  • Handles higher amperage: Will not fail at higher wattages

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