White/Single Color Snap Tape to Tape Connector – 6 Pack


2-Pin Snap Tape to Tape Connectors from Armacost Lighting are used to connect 2 sections of white or single color tape light into 1 continuous strip. Easy to use, no soldering, tight, secure connections for 2C tape light. Great for large or custom undercabinet and accent LED lighting installations for residential, commercial, RV and boating.


  • Connects 8mm wide white LED tape lighting requiring two wire connections, not for RGB LED tape lighting
  • Includes an 8 in. power lead between two connectors and is perfect for extending LED strips around corners or, when cut in half, to create two power leads for linking and extending 12-volt power wires to LED tape lighting in another area.
  • Easy to use, no soldering, tight, secure connections
  • Handles higher amperage, will not fail at higher wattages
  • UL listed multiple-conductor wire, thermoplastic insulation rated for 80C, 300 volt
  • CE and RoHS compliant