Choose the right power supply for your LED lighting needs

Armacost Lighting’s RibbonFlex Pro LED tape lighting and LED cabinet down lights operate on 12-volt DC constant voltage power and require an AC to DC transformer 12-volt power supply. Never connect low-voltage LED lighting directly to 120-volt AC household power.
Note: RV, boat and solar applications can be powered directly by 12-volt DC battery – a power supply is not needed.

For help choosing a power supply for white LED lighting, see this document.

RGB Custom Color Changing LED lighting

If installing RGB Custom Color Changing LED lighting, choose a Standard Electronic Power Supply with sufficient output to power your LED lighting. You will also need an RGB Color Controller.

White LED lighting, without a dimmer

If you are installing white LED lighting, and do not plan to add a dimmer to control brightness, choose an Armacost Lighting Standard Electronic Power Supply.

If you later decide you want to dim your lighting, you can easily add an Armacost Low-Voltage Dimmer when using a Standard Electronic Power Supply.

White LED lighting, using a dimmer

If you want to control the brightness of your LED lighting, the power supply you need is dependent on the type of dimmer you plan to use in your installation. If you are already familiar with the installation and application advantages between low-voltage 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC LED dimming, you can choose from the Armacost power supply options found below.

To learn more about the differences between these power supplies, types of dimmers, and what may be your best installation option based on your application, visit LED Dimming Basics.

Standard Electronic Power Supplies

60 Watt Power SupplyCompatible with Armacost Lighting low-voltage 12-volt DC dimmers. Use when a switched 120-volt power source or an outlet controlled by a wall switch is not readily available. Plug in or direct wire options available.

View Standard Electronic Power Supplies

AC Dimmable Power Supplies

60 Watt Universal Dimming LED DriverCompatible with certain models of Lutron AC dimmers. Requires a switched 120-volt power source or an outlet controlled by a wall switch. Hardwire installation only.

To learn more, visit LED Dimming Basics.

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