Our RibbonFlex LED Tape Light is available in various configurations to meet most installation needs, but if you’re looking for an LED lighting solution you can’t find, we can help. With decades of experience with developing and manufacturing breakthrough LED components and accessories, we can adapt, modify, or engineer almost any LED tape light product to meet your personalized needs. 

We partner with architects, electricians, contractors, designers, manufacturers, fabricators, lighting specifiers, and OEMs to create high-quality, innovative LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail applications.

Every custom LED lighting project starts with an idea. Our customer support and sourcing specialists can help you determine which products are best for your individual needs, create personalized specs for custom-built product solutions, and provide prototypes and pricing proposals to bring your idea to life. 

  • Custom Length, Lumens, or Connections for LED Strip Light
  • Modified LED Mounting Channels
  • Battery Powered LED Lighting Solutions
  • Custom Retail/Grocery, Display & Cabinet Lighting
  • Special Made LED Colors to Match Brands, Teams, or Themes
  • Fabrication of Lighting Fixtures, Enclosures & Components
  • White Label & Private Label LED Lighting Products
  • Specialized LED Control and Power Supply Setup

Learn more about made-to-order LED lighting product solutions from the Armacost Lighting Custom Shop

  • Complex or Unique Indoor Strip Lighting
  • Custom Commercial LED Strip Lighting
  • Color Match Single or Multicolor LED Tape
  • Bulk Quantities for Large Projects
  • Customized Outdoor Strip Lighting

Custom LED Lighting

You can trust Armacost Lighting to provide you with high-quality, professionally built custom LED lighting solutions to meet your project specification requirements. We can customize LED tape, outdoor LED strip lights, color changing LED strip lights, RGB LED strips, LED light strip connectors, LED power supply & control specifications, LED light kits, dimmable LED strip lights, and more.

What are custom LED light strips?

LED light strips are also known as LED tape lights, ribbon lights, and strip lighting. Armacost Lighting offers a wide selection of LED strip lights in a variety of colors, lengths, and densities suitable for most indoor and outdoor strip lighting applications. Custom LED strip lights can be made-to-order to meet your specific lighting needs.

How to Customize LED Strip Lighting

With years of experience in the research and development of LED lighting, Armacost Lighting can produce professional-grade, customized solutions for every component in your lighting project.

  • Custom Tape Light Length, Brightness, Color Temperature
  • Custom Color Changing LED Strip Lights (RGB+WW, RGB+W, RGB LEDs)
  • IP Ratings for Outdoor LED Strip Lights
  • LED Light Kit Components
  • LED Light Strip Connectors and LED Power Supply Configurations
  • Specific Color Rendering Index (High CRI LEDs)
  • Custom LED Strip Light Mounting Solutions (Aluminum Channels, LED Light Diffusion, etc)
  • LED Lighting Effects
  • Custom Color Matching LEDs for Brands, Teams, or Themes

Armacost Lighting Custom Lighting Project Expertise

Our technical LED lighting support and product sourcing teams specialize in delivering custom LED assemblies for residential, commercial, architectural, retail, and OEM projects.

Custom LED Lights for Residential Lighting

High-quality lighting solutions for the unique lighting needs of homeowners. Custom LED strip lighting installations can enhance atmosphere and ambiance in residential living spaces. Versatile indoor and outdoor LED strip lights can illuminate any room or outside area, including:

Bedroom Lighting
Living Room Lighting
Cove Lighting
Bathroom Lighting
Counter/Under Cabinet Lighting
Stairway Lighting
Deck Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Dock/Boat Lighting
Outdoor Downlighting

Custom Architectural LED Strip Lighting

Multipurpose LED light strips customized for architectural applications. Enhance and complement architectural components with bold and vibrant LED lights. Common applications include:

Cove Lighting
Eave Lighting
Entrance Ways Lighting
Exterior Building Wall Lighting
Sculpture & Artwork Lighting
Unique Architectural Constructions

Custom Commercial LED Strip Lighting

Illuminate businesses and commercial establishments to enhance ambiance and style. LED lights can be customized to meet specific design requirements to elevate and enrich hospitality spaces, such as:

Shelf & Display Case Lighting
Bar Lighting
Hotel Lighting
Stairway Lighting
Hospitality Lighting
Outdoor Restaurant Seating Lighting
Custom Color Matching LEDs

Custom LED Lighting for OEMs

Integrate LED light strips into OEM applications to enhance style and atmosphere. We design custom LED lighting solutions for specific OEM requirements from initial concept to prototype delivery, to product testing, to high-quality manufacturing. OEM LED project customizations include:

LED Strip Lights Integrated into Furniture & Cabinets
Personalized LED Lighting Controls
Custom Strip Light Lengths
RV Manufacturing
Retail Lighting
Custom Strip Light Soldering for OEM Fabrication

Custom Retail LED Strip Lighting

Elevate shopping experiences with high-quality, custom-made LED retail lights. We understand the unique lighting needs of retail displays. Create custom LED lighting strips and fixtures featuring your desired lighting effects to highlight products to your customers. Our retail include:

POP Display Lighting
Retail Shelf Lighting
Retail Fixture Lighting
Display & Cabinet Lighting
Showcase Lighting

Large Quotes & Bulk Orders

If you don’t need custom solutions, but are looking for bulk quantities of existing products, we can help. Contact us for project planning assistance and no strings attached quotes tailored to complex and large-scale LED lighting projects.

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