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Kitchen with undercabinet strip lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Solutions from Armacost Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting & Under the Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting delivers a lot to a space in terms of improved functionality and aesthetics. It has come a long way from the days of the hot halogen pucks and non-dimmable, fragile fluorescent and CFL designs. The technological improvements of kitchen LED lighting have greatly enhanced the options available and include some of the best lighting for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces, and more. Armacost Lighting is pleased to offer a plethora of solutions for hardwired under cabinet lighting and various hardwire and plug-in LED strip light kits. This article will lay out the features and benefits and tradeoffs of many of the available options.

LED strip lighting under kitchen cabinets and shelves

LED Strip Light Kits for Under Counter Lighting

AC Dimmable Continuous White Tape Light Kit

Armacost Lighting offers many all-in-one LED tape light kits. These kits are complete and ready to go out of the box, making them the least technical and easiest path to get under cabinet lighting. Most light kits come with 16’ of tape light, which is enough for the vast majority of applications. There are a variety of options available when selecting one of these kits.

Kits are available in white light-only or multi-color + white (RGB+W). Kits are available for control via a remote or control via standard dimming wall switch. There are options to plug into an outlet or hardwire. Additional options available include waterproof kits that can be used outdoors, different color temperatures of white (2700K warm, 3000K soft, 4000K bright). Even smart kits that are controllable by an app, Alexa or Google Home are available. The tradeoff when selecting a kit, is that the only customizations available are to cut the tape light to size; they cannot be extended longer.

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Multicolor LED tape light under cabinets

Under Cabinet LED Strip Lighting

RibbonFlex Pro White and Multicolor Tape Light

Armacost Lighting’s RibbonFlex Pro and RibbonFlex Home LED tape light deliver the most customizable solution to undercabinet lighting. These tape lighting products are supremely flexible, loaded with options and specified to a 65,000 hour life. LED strip light is available in a tremendous variety of options, almost assuring a unique solution for any cabinet lighting project.

LED tape light options include white color temperatures ranging from a 2700K warm white through a 6500K cool white and many multi-color and color-changing LED light options. Another tape lighting consideration is LED density; they can be spaced at 30 LEDs/meter which is good for accent lighting, the most popular 60 LEDs/meter, 120 LEDs/meter for bright task lighting, or the latest innovation a continuous (COB) line of LEDs. There are even specialty tape lights available such as tunable white (CCT), dim-to-warm white and high color rendering index (CRI). While tape light is relatively simple, it does require some technical acumen to select the proper power supply, control methodology and wiring techniques.

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LED puck lights under kitchen cabinet

LED Puck Lights for Under Counter Lights

PureVue Puck Lights in black and white finishes

Puck lights are small LED lights that offer some different features from tape light for under cabinet lighting deployments. Typically, LED puck lights are used when a specific area or spot needs to be lit, for instance a display case, not a longer run, such as a countertop. Ideal for recessed LED lighting, puck lights can typically be mounted on a surface or recess mounted.

There are many and varied choices for puck lights that were not around only a few years ago. One important consideration is the housing material; Armacost Lighting PureVue uses an aluminum housing which increases durability, works as a heat sink and improves aesthetics. Additionally available selections are housing finish (black, white, brushed metal), white color temperature, tunable (CCT) white and multi-color (RGB+W). Puck lights can vary by size in diameter, light output and some even offer swivel or articulating capabilities. There are some puck light kits available in the market which include a power supply and puck lights. Armacost Lighting generally offers puck lights as individual components to allow for maximum deployment and installation flexibility.

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Kitchen shelves lit from behind with LED lighting

RigidStrips: Kitchen Light Bars for Under Cabinet LED Lighting

RigidStrip 12 in. Linkable LED Light

Another LED strip lighting option that is increasing in popularity is the RigidStrip. RigidStrips are a length of LEDs in a compact, low-profile fixture. Most commonly they are 12 in. in length. These are often used as an alternative to undercabinet light bars that were historically fluorescent or halogen. Creating these in this manner allows them to be significantly more compact yet output as much light as the old-style fixtures. They offer the advantage of the LEDs being protected behind a lens. The lens can offer lighting diffusion, can be wiped clean if it gets dirty and may be preferred if the rigid strip itself is going to be visible.

RigidStrips are available in different white color temperatures. There are some rigid strip light kits available in the market which include a power supply and rigid strip lights. Armacost Lighting generally offers rigid strips as individual components to allow for maximum deployment and installation flexibility.

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Bright LED undercabinet lighting

Light Diffuser Channels for Under Cabinet LED Lights

Corner Mount, Deep Surface Mount and Recess Mount channels

LED light diffuser channels are not a standalone lighting product, but one that is used in conjunction with LED strip light. Channels may also be known as LED diffusers, mounting tracks or extrusions. Channels are used in cases where tape light may need additional protection or where the LED tape light may be visible so the channel creates a fixture-like effect.

Typically, they come in 1-meter (39 inch) lengths but there are some longer versions available. They are generally used with lenses. The lenses range from clear (maximum light output, without diffusion) to standard (moderate light output, moderate diffusion) to opal (less light output, maximum diffusion), with standard being the most common. Channels are available in different profiles for different applications, the most common of which is shallow surface mount. Also available are deep surface mount (U-shape), corner mount when lighting at a 45˚ angle is preferred, recess mount and bendable to be used on uneven surfaces. Channels are generally available in a natural aluminum finish but are also available in white and black finishes.

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Regardless of your undercabinet LED lighting need, Armacost Lighting has you covered. We offer a broad and deep range of LED lighting products, dimmer switches, LED drivers, and controls. Review our website to find the products needed for your deployment and reach out to us for the help you need.