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How to Troubleshoot Polarity Issues with LED Strip Light

Armacost Lighting LED tape light and LED drivers are the perfect solution for under cabinet lighting. They have premium quality for the pro. And the kits are easy enough for the do it yourselfer to install for a professional look.

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How to Choose a LED Driver Power Supply

Selecting the proper LED driver or power supply is an important step in developing a system for your LED light installation. LED drivers, also known as transformers and power supplies transform traditional household AC power to DC in 12V or 24V. Low voltage lighting is easy to use, energy efficient and lasts a long time.

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LED Strip Wire-to-Tape Light Connectors

Introducing the features and benefits of Armacost Lighting LED strip light connectors. These are used for connecting wire to strip light. Models are available for use with 2C / 2-pin, 4C / 4-pin and 5C / 5-pin designs. Depending on model, they are for use with single color or white tape light, multicolor RGB tape light or multicolor + white RGB+W LED tape light. These connectors make under cabinet lighting installation easy.

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RibbonFlex Pro White LED Tape Light

RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape Light is the perfect LED light strip for low-voltage, energy-efficient accent lighting projects. These LED strip lights are designed to meet the layout and installation requirements of lighting professionals and feature high quality, professional-grade components that are longer lasting and create a premium look. For best results, use Armacost Lighting LED strip light connectors.

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Portico Recessed Outdoor LED Lights

The Portico LED Light system is perfect for a variety of outdoor lighting applications when waterproof lighting is desired. The recessed LED puck lights are available in a variety of sizes. The system uses a simple, tool-free weatherproof connector for customization. The LEDs are fully dimmable.

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Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights

Armacost Lighting is the leader in LED lighting. With Armacost Lighting the possibilities are endless. Available products and solutions include under cabinet lighting, LED tape light / LED strip light, LED drivers / LED power supplies, smart home controls, and traditional LED lighting controls.

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How to Choose LED Lighting from Armacost Lighting

First choose LED lighting (strip lights, tape lights, undercabinet lights and more), next choose control methodology (wired, remote wireless, smart, etc), and finally choose a LED power supply.

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Find the Right LED Controls

After choosing LED lighting, controls is the next choice in the process. This video walks through the differing LED control options. These could be used to control undercabinet lighting and led strip lights among other choices. Next and final step in the product decision process will be LED driver.

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AC Dimmable Universal LED Drivers

Armacost Lighting offers world-class AC dimmable LED drivers / power supplies. Universal dimming LED power supply transformers deliver stable and energy-efficient, low voltage power for any LED lighting installation. Perfect for undercabinet lighting. Using high-performance, professional grade electronics they deliver 0% - 100% dimming without pop-on or off. Hardwire or plug into outlet.

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RibbonFlex Pro White LED Strip Light Kit

Professional quality RibbonFlex PRO White LED Tape light kit is built to a pro spec! Built to last, no assembly required, extendable with 3000K soft white RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape Light, plug in or hard wire, RF remote works through walls and cabinet doors.

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