How to Calculate Wattage for LED Light Installations

How to Calculate Wattage for LED Light Installations

Calculate the Total Wattage of your Armacost Lighting LED Lights

Using these Wattage Charts, determine the watts used in each leg of the LED light. A straight run is considered one leg. A center feed is two equal lengths of lighting. An array can have many legs. As a best practice, use the next longer length on the chart to determine the approximate wattage per leg. Include only the lengths of the LED tape in your calculation, not the connecting wires.

Next, add together the watts used for each leg of lighting to get total watts used in your LED lighting layout. Note that watts shown in the chart represent the approximate watts used when your color RGB LEDs are set at full bright white.

Additional Tips:

Watts used is the power consumed by your LED lighting system, not the watt rating of a power supply. Always choose a LED power supply rated greater than your needs.

The watts shown in the Wattage Chart, are based on 100% full brightness white light. Dimming of LED lights will use less power and extend the life of LEDs.

Due to voltage drop, longer lengths of LED tape light will use fewer watts per meter than shorter lengths. To accurately measure watts used by your LED lighting installation, use a multimeter. Watts are calculated by multiplying volts by amps used in your LED system.