How to Wire Puck Lights

Puck lights under kitchen cabinet

LED Puck Light Wiring Tips

Planning Ahead

Puck lights are useful for undercabinet, shelving, interior cabinet, incandescent replacements, and many other installations. Planning how you will wire the puck lights before installation will help avoid any delays during install. All Armacost Lighting LED puck lights come pre-wired with wire leads for hardwire installation, but certain configurations might require you to add wire to power the lights.

Do Puck Lights Need a Transformer?

Armacost Lighting standard power supply

Yes, Armacost Lighting puck lights require hardwire installation. To be powered, each puck light must run directly into an LED power supply, or be spliced into a common lead that runs directly from the output of the power supply. Lights will not power on if they do not connect to the power supply or to a common lead. A common lead can be as short or long as needed as long as the length of wire will not cause voltage drop. Reference our Voltage Drop Calculator to find recommended light run lengths and avoid voltage drop. If you have a power supply that does not have a pre-wired lead, then run a 18, 20, or 22 Gauge wire from the output and splice, wire-nut, or use T-Connectors to connect to your puck lights.

If you are replacing existing halogen or other puck lights, you can most likely keep your existing wiring and switch out your power supply/driver/transformer with one of our dimming or standard power supplies. If you do not have pre-existing wiring installed, we recommend the following common wiring configurations.

Home Run Method

Using this method, every puck light will run back to a single point.

Home run method diagram

“T-Connection” Method

wire nutsT-connector

Using this method you would use a common lead that is spliced into a “T” everywhere there is a puck light. This can be accomplished with our T-Connector, wire nuts, or any other splice method.

T-Connection method diagram

A More Complex Hybrid Installation

Hybrid puck light installation

We carry a wide selection of LED Connectors and Wire and LED Power Supplies to use in your puck light installation.

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