Understanding LED Power Supplies

Understanding LED Power Supplies

The Basics of LED Power Supplies

LED lights require a power supply (also known as drivers, transformers, or ballasts) to convert AC line voltage, like the 120-volt power typically running throughout a home, to DC low voltage. This allows LEDs to be more efficient than other types of lighting by using less watts (energy) to produce the same amount of light (lumens).

Armacost Lighting offers a variety of world-class Standard LED DriversAC Dimmable LED Drivers, and Waterproof LED Drivers that deliver high-performance, stable power for LED lighting installations. When planning your LED light project, it is crucial to carefully choose the appropriate LED driver or power supply. Our product experts have provided answers to commonly asked questions about LED power supplies below.

Can I use any power supply for LED lights?

Yes, as long as the power supply output matches the input of your LED lights and has sufficient wattage for the LED load. Use the wattage charts in the instructions of the LED lighting to determine the load of the LEDs.

Read our How to Select an LED Driver article that explains the four most important factors to consider when selecting an LED power supply:

1. Wattage & Consumption
2. Voltage & Current
3. Dimming vs. Non-Dimming
4. Indoor or Outdoor Use

Is my LED power supply AC or DC?

LED power supplies from Armacost Lighting output are DC (Direct Current). Typical household current is AC (Alternating Current), and the power supply converts the household AC current to DC current at either 24V or 12V.  All of our drivers are constant voltage, meaning the power supply maintains a set voltage output.  Note that some power supplies, most commonly used with landscape lighting, output AC (Alternating Current).

How to Connect a LED Driver to Power

Armacost Lighting's LED Drivers can be plugged in to existing outlets using the provided cord and plug or they can be direct wired to Romex electrical wire for a hardwired installation. Refer to the product instruction documentation for detailed directions as each product may have unique specifications. Printed instructions are included in product packaging and you can find PDF instructions on all ArmacostLighting.com product pages.

LED Drivers from Armacost Lighting

Selecting the proper LED driver or power supply is an important step in developing a system for your LED light installation. Low voltage LED lighting is easy to use, energy efficient and lasts a long time. Learn more about it in our How to Choose a LED Driver video.

For additional help planning your LED light installation, contact Armacost Lighting Customer Support.  We're here to provide assistance in every step of your project plan.