15 Unique LED Strip Light Installation Ideas

Unique Applications for LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are an affordable and user-friendly way to make accent lighting look sophisticated and custom-made. LED tape light can be used in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. LED strips can be used outdoors as well, just make sure they are properly rated for the environmental conditions they will be exposed to.

Tape lights are small, flexible, flat, and come with strong 3M adhesive backing, so they are easily installed and can be discretely hidden in small spaces. Most tape light can be cut to size and reconnected as needed, making them exceptionally versatile and a perfect solution for some unexpected applications. Here are 15 unique, simple, visually appealing ways to use LED strip lighting to illuminate your surroundings and upgrade the atmosphere in your favorite spaces.

Bathroom Mirror with LED lights

Bathroom Mirror

With the right LED strip lighting, you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with the soft, ambient glow of backlit mirrors. When selecting LED strip lights for backlit mirrors, it is essential to consider the environment in which they will be installed. For bathrooms or areas that may be exposed to moisture, we recommend choosing LED strip lights with an IP rating of 65 or above.

Headboard with LED strip light


Have you ever considered installing LED strips behind your headboard? Not only is it a fun project, but it also serves a practical purpose. Headboard lighting can create a cozy ambiance in your bedroom while also providing a convenient reading light. Installation is easy, just measure the length of the area where you plan to install the LED strips, cut the strips to the appropriate size and attach them securely using adhesive backing. For a clean look, consider concealing the wires behind the headboard or furniture.

LED strip lights above cabinet toward ceiling

Above Cabinet Toward Ceiling

Are you looking to add a touch of sophistication and style to your home? Installing LED strip lights directed toward the ceiling of any space in your home is an easy way to achieve this. Whether you want to highlight architectural details or simply add interest to a room, LED strip lighting can make a significant impact. Accent the top of your kitchen cupboards to create a warm and inviting ambiance or highlight ornate ceiling details in your living room or bedroom to add a touch of elegance.

LED strip light on toe kick

Toe Kick

Toe kick lighting, which is installed at the base of cabinets, creates a contemporary look by casting a soft glow along the floor. LED light strips are the perfect toe kick or baseboard lighting solution. In addition to making the room appear wider and more open, toe kick lighting can also serve as a subtle nightlight, providing both style and functionality to your space. Transform the ambiance and enhance the overall aesthetic of your home with the simple addition of toe kick lighting.

TV Backlight by LED strip light

TV Backlight

Backlighting your TV screen is a simple yet effective way to add character and style to your room, even when your TV is turned off. By incorporating LED light strips, you can create a visually stunning effect that enhances your viewing experience. Our LED light strips feature a strong 3M peel & stick mounting adhesive that allows for easy installation on the backside of your TV without causing any damage. We recommend our USB Multicolor LED Tape Light Kit for powering your LED light strips as it offers a convenient and hassle-free solution.

Gazebo lit by LED strip light


LED light strips are a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution that can be used outdoors to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to illuminate your gazebo, patio, or deck, LED light strips are a great way to add ambience to your outdoor areas. When shopping for outdoor LED light strips, it's important to look for a high IP rating, such as IP65 or higher. This rating indicates that the light strips are protected against dust, dirt, and water splashes, making them suitable for outdoor use.

RV camper lit by LED strip light


Are you looking to upgrade your RV, camper, or adventure vehicle with versatile lighting options? Look no further than energy efficient LED strip lights. These innovative lights are perfect for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, providing a range of benefits for your travels. Adding LED tape lights under your camper awning or on RV steps can create a welcoming ambiance while also improving safety. Inside, line the floorboards, seats, dashboard, or ceiling of your RV with LED tape lighting. By strategically placing tape lights, you can create a custom look that enhances the overall aesthetic of your vehicle.


Waterproof LED strip lights are an excellent choice for interior and exterior boat and marine lighting. Tape lights can be used for nautical courtesy lighting in the cabin or cockpit on boats and yachts or as an interior decorative light for any marine vessel, including pontoons, kayaks, fishing boats, sailboats, and yachts.  Look for IP67 or higher to make sure that the strip lights are waterproof. With the right waterproof LED strip lights, you can transform your boat into a well-lit and inviting space for all your marine adventures.

Pier being lit by outdoor LED strip lights


Outdoor tape light can gently illuminate and significantly enhance the beauty of outdoor structures. Our 120V White Outdoor LED Strips are the perfect solution for piers, decks, pools, patios, or docks.  The flexible LED strip lights plug directly into a standard outlet, making installation a breeze.

Trophy Case lit by LED strip lights

Trophy Case

Highlight trophies, memorabilia, or other special items using LED Strip Lights in display cases. Use white LED strips to create a warm glow to illuminate your special items or choose color changing LED strips to showcase your trophies, memorabilia, or special items in a unique and eye-catching way. The low heat emission of LED lights makes them ideal for use in close proximity to delicate items.

Bar lit by LED strip lights


Light up your bar with style! When it comes to lighting up your bar or restaurant, multicolor tape light can take your ambiance to the next level. With the ability to change colors and create dynamic lighting effects, multicolor LED tape light allows you to set the mood for any occasion. Add a touch of excitement and style to your bar by using LED strip light to showcase the bottles in your bar or add a pop of color to seating and dance floor areas.

Homemade In-Wall Fixtures Using Channels

Homemade In-Wall Fixtures Using Channels

Why settle for ordinary lighting fixtures when you can create your own custom designs with tape lights and LED diffusing channels? LED diffusing channels are accessories that help to evenly distribute the light from the tape lights, creating a soft and uniform glow. When combined with LED tape light, recessed wall lighting and other homemade in-wall designs are transformed into sleek, modern fixtures.

Artwork display lit by LED strip light

Artwork Display

Enhance the beauty of your artwork and make it the focal point of any room by incorporating LED strips into your display. With a little creativity and the right lighting, you can transform your walls into a gallery-like setting that showcases your art in a whole new light. Tape light can be discreetly attached to the backside of a frame or canvas, concealed behind artwork to make it glow and in a subtle and stylish way.

An entertainment room with a billiard table

Man-Room / She-Shed

Looking to add some ambiance to your man-cave or she-shed? LED light strips are the perfect solution. They are not only great for setting the mood, but they also take up very little space, making them ideal for small spaces. Use white LEDs for a calm glow and cozy atmosphere or try vibrant color changing LED lights for a fun, lively mood.

Wine Racks lit by LED strip light

Wine Cellars & Racks

Illuminate your wine collection with LED strip lights for an elevated display.  Arrange LED tape around or behind wine cellar shelves and racks for a sophisticated background lighting effect.  The gentle glow of the lights will highlight the labels and colors of your bottles, creating a visually stunning display. LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and produce minimal heat, making them safe to use around wine bottles. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy collecting, LED strip lights can give your wine bottles the presentation they deserve.