Portico Recessed LED Puck Outdoor Lights

Portico Recessed LED Puck Outdoor Lights

Perfect for Patio Lights, Deck Lights, and Outdoor LED Lighting

Discover the versatility and convenience of our Portico Outdoor LED Puck Lighting System. This comprehensive system includes White Recessed Deck Lights in three diameters, Outdoor LED Power Supply, LED Light Controller, and 48” Extension Cables. All Portico components feature easy-to-use screw closure plugs that create secure, water-tight connections. Experience the benefits of durable and high-quality LED lights built for outdoor use.

Outdoor Lighting for Decks, Docks, Walkways, and Steps

The stainless steel Portico LED lights feature weatherproof components and are flush, recess mountable in any outdoor space including decks, boat docks, pathways, and steps. The soft white (3000K) LED lights are available in three diameters: 15mm, 30mm, and 60mm. Made with one-piece construction and easy screw connectors, the hardwire puck lights are a hassle-free and reliable lighting solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

Control Portico Outdoor Lights Remotely

As a key element of the Portico LED Light System, the Outdoor LED Light Controller provides convenient handheld control for turning on, off, and dimming Portico puck lights. The weatherproof (wet location rated) receiver is effectively sealed with silicone heat shrink tubes, ensuring secure and water-tight connections. RF remote control works through walls and doors from up to 50 feet away.

Portico Outdoor LED Driver 12V 12 Volt Power Supply for Portico Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

The 12 Volt Portico Outdoor LED Driver was designed specifically for the Portico light system. This unique LED power supply is equipped with screw-closure plugs for secure, water-tight connections. Wet location rated, the driver features a 6 foot lead cable and detachable AC plug for quick, foolproof installation.

Extension Cables for Large Outdoor Lighting Installations

Add the Portico Outdoor LED 48” Extension Cable to your outdoor lighting setup to connect multiple Portico LED lights in one installation. Utilize the extension cords between the puck lights and controller or between the power supply and controller to create custom layouts.

Portico Outdoor LED Light & Driver Starter Kit

Experience the versatile Portico Outdoor Lighting system with a convenient starter kit bundle! Each kit comes with a Waterproof Portico LED Power Supply and your choice of three, five, or ten 30mm Portico recessed lights. Easily complete your installation with purchasing additional Portico Outdoor Recessed Lighting System accessories. Enjoy the durability and style of stainless steel, waterproof, recess mountable Portico LED lights, perfect for enhancing outdoor living spaces like decks, patios, steps, and walkways. Upgrade your outdoor lighting game today!