Universal+ Dimmable LED Drivers

Universal+ Dimmable LED Drivers

High Power Factor for High Efficiency LED Power Supplies

Armacost Lighting offers a variety of AC dimmable LED drivers otherwise known as low voltage power supplies, ballasts, or transformers for LED lights in both 12V and 24V outputs. Depending on your specific needs, we suggest pairing either a Universal Dimmable LED Driver or a Universal+ Dimmable LED Driver with your LED light installation. Shop 12V Universal+ and 24V Universal+ Power Supplies.

What is the difference between Universal and Universal+ Dimmable LED Power Supplies?

The main difference between the two is Universal Plus LED Drivers have a higher power factor. The Universal Plus Drivers have a power factor of 0.98 while the Universal Drivers have a power factor of 0.65. Some US states enforce high power factor requirements for domestic or commercial LED light installations to regulate the impact of energy usage.

Power factor: Universal + vs. Universal Dimmable Power Supplies

What does high power factor mean?

Power factor is relative to energy efficiency. It measures how much of the electricity being drawn by an electrical device is used for performing the actual task. The power factor of LED drivers is the ratio of active power consumed by the power supply to power the LED lighting. A higher power factor indicates a more efficient system.

Universal vs Universal+ LED Dimmer Compatibility

Universal Plus LED Strip Light Power Supplies are compatible with the widest range of AC dimmer switches such as Forward Phase (Triac/CL dimmers) and Reverse Phase dimmers (ELV dimmers). The Universal Drivers are only compatible with Forward Phase AC Dimmers.

Dimmer compatibility

Both the Universal Plus and the Universal LED light power supplies are compatible with the wide assortment of low voltage LED dimmers that Armacost Lighting offers, such as the ProLine LED Strip Light Controller for white, the Smart Wi-Fi Controller, or the Slimline RGB+W Color and White LED Controller for multicolor strip lighting.

When deciding which low voltage LED driver is right for you, don’t forget to consider the voltage of your LED fixture. 12 volt power supplies are only compatible with 12 volt LED lights; for 24 volt LED lights, use a 24 volt power supply.