Collection: 12 Volt Continuous COB LED Strip Lights

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We currently only offer 24V Continuous COB LED strip lights, but 12V options are available by special order. To request a quote, please visit our Custom Shop web page and submit an inquiry.

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The Continuous COB LED Tape Light Difference

Continuous COB LED Strip Light

The latest innovation in LED tape lighting, COB or “Chip-On-Board” LED lighting technology eliminates “hotspot” challenges of traditional SMD strip light and introduces a new dotless product. COB LEDs use flip chip technology and a constant bead of phosphor to result in a uniform, seamless beam of light.  With a seamless, continuous glow and greater light dispersion, COB tape lighting is a great upgrade for almost every project.

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Armacost Lighting is committed to being a leader in LED tape lighting, and we have a full assortment of 24V COB strip light with varying lumens output, lengths, and color temperatures.

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