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5 Pin LED Strip Light RGB+W Wire to Tape Connector

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Wire to tape connector for 5 pin multicolor plus white LED tape light.
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  • RGB+W Wire to Tape Connector works with 5-conductor (5C) multicolor + white LED tape light and 18, 20 or 22 AWG gauge wire
  • The easy clamp-down mechanism features insulation-piercing metal pins that make secure and reliable connections
  • Connectors must be sealed with adhesive-lined, heat-shrink tubing when used in wet locations
  • Simply insert wire and tape into connector, then close the doors to lock into place
  • No soldering or special tools required
  • CE and RoHS compliant; UL Listed

Product Description

Armacost Lighting's 5 Pin Wire to Tape Connectors feature a newly improved design that includes designated wire channels for a quick and easy installation. Connect two sections of RGB+W LED tape light into one continuous strip to bridge gaps or to create custom-length LED strip light installations. No soldering or wire stripping required. 5C RGB+W connectors are used for multicolor plus white, 10 mm LED tape lighting. Compatible with both indoor and outdoor RibbonFlex circuits.

Product Specifications

Item #766220
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