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5 Pin COB RGB+W 6" Tape to Tape LED Strip Light Connectors

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  • Works with multicolor 5C RGB+W 12mm Continuous COB strip light Ideal for jumping obstacles and making turns in tape lighting installations
  • Can be cut in half to create two wire leads
  • Create secure, easy connections without soldering
  • Observe polarity at all connection points
  • COB tape light creates a spot-free seamless glow

Product Description

Armacost Lighting's RGB+W Continuous LED tape light 6" connectors allow for seamless angle turns when setting up your tape lighting layout. These connectors offer a discreet, hassle-free way to extend LED strips around corners or obstacles. Dotless COB LED strip lights emit a seamless and uninterrupted strip of illumination, making it ideal for under cabinet lighting.

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Item #761620
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