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Mounting Accessory Packs for LED Tape Light Channels

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Additional mounting hardware for Armacost Lighting's LED Tape Light Mounting Channels. Add LED light diffuser channels for a complete professional tape light installation.
sku: 960000


  • For use with Armacost Lighting LED Tape Light Mounting Channels
  • Includes ten brackets with screws and ten end caps
  • Channel mounts are useful for LED strip light installations to soften lighting to minimize reflective hot spots on a nearby surface
  • LED light diffuser channels soften and evenly distribute visible LED strip light output

Product Description

Accessory packs to mount LED Tape Light Channels from Armacost Lighting. LED Tape Light Channels are ideal for installations where the lighting will be visible, such as on the underside of a shelf or in a display cabinet. Accessory packs available for Corner Mount, Recess Mount, Surface Mount, Bendable, and Deep Surface Mount LED strip light mounting channels.

Product Specifications

Item #960000
Fixture Material
Mounting Method
3 Year Limited