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Ultra Slim Linear LED Light Accessories

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Connector and power cord accessories for the Armacost Lighting Ultra Slim Linear LED Shelf Light. Designed for retail gondola displays and metal shelves, the 120V Ultra Slim LED Lights are magnetic, linkable, and exceptionally energy-efficient.
sku: 571520


  • Accessories are made exclusively for use with Armacost Lighting Ultra Slim Linear LED Shelf Lights
  • Power up to eight 44" Ultra Slim Lights with one Power Cable
  • Use the Splice Connectors to connect Ultra Slim Lights end-to-end
  • Use the 48in jumper cable to connect lights between longer distances, like shelf-to-shelf, around obstacles, etc

Product Description

The Armacost Lighting Ultra Slim LED Lights are easily mountable on metal shelving for retail or workspace illumination.  Splice connectors, jumper cable connectors, and additional 120V power cables can be used for shelf, shop, garage, utility, basement, or task lighting installations.