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SureLock Pro 2 Pin LED Strip Light Tape to Tape Channel Connectors

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2 pin SureLock Pro tape to tape channel connector for 2C white or single color LED strip lights. Connect 2 channel sections of LED tape light into 1 continuous strip with LED strip connectors.
sku: 560020


  • Works with 2 conductor (2C) 8mm-wide white or single color LED tape light
  • No soldering or special tools required
  • Uses a clamp-down mechanism with -piercing metal pins that make secure and reliable connections
  • 36-Volt, maximum current 5 Amp
  • Single Use
  • CE and RoHS compliant

Product Description

2-Pin SureLock Pro LED Tape to Tape Channel Connectors from Armacost Lighting are the fastest way to connect 2 channel sections of white or single color tape light into 1 continuous strip. Easy to use, no soldering is required to make a secure, reliable connection for 2C tape light. Compatible with indoor Ribbon Flex circuits. Great for large or custom undercabinet and accent LED lighting installations for residential, commercial, RV and boating.

Product Specifications

Item #560020
Damp/Wet Rating
Dry Rated
1 Year Limited