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ProLine Multicolor RGB LED Controller

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RGB controller designed for use with multicolor RGB LED tape light from Armacost Lighting. The LED remote control comes preprogrammed with 25 dynamic colors, 40 color changing effects, and complete 0 to 100% dimming control.
sku: 713420


  • Terminal block style for a professional looking installation
  • Easily control Multi-Color RGB LED lighting systems from up to 50-ft away
  • High amperage output for larger, more custom applications
  • Radio frequency (RF) technology enables control through walls and cabinets without requiring line of sight
  • Single ProLine multicolor remote can pair with multiple installations for multi-zone LED lighting control
  • Designed to be ultra-slim and compact, the receiver is easily concealed during installation

Product Description

The Armacost Lighting ProLine RGB Color LED Lighting Control is the perfect solution for professional undercabinet LED lighting control option. Designed with high-grade components that pair seamlessly with Armacost Lighting Multi-Color LED tape Light. The terminal block connectors are easy to use and make the wiring easy to conceal. The controller works through cabinets, doors, and walls from up to 50ft away using Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The LED remote-controller comes preprogrammed with a full spectrum of 25 dynamic colors, 40 color changing effects, and 0 to 100% dimming control. Great for LED lighting installations of all size and works with both 12-volt and 24-volt LED lighting installations. The LED controller is the perfect solution for both commercial and residential LED strip light installations.

Product Specifications

Item #713420
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