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ProLine Multicolor RGB+WW LED Amplifier

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Use with RGB+WW multicolor LED tape light and LED power supplies to repeat color control for long lighting installations.
sku: 780002


  • LED amplifier synchronizes long RGB+WW multicolor LED light installations
  • Allows for long or complex runs of multicolor tape light installations
  • Each amplifier requires its own LED driver to power
  • Use with the ProLine Multicolor RGB+WW Wi-Fi LED Controller for remote color changing LED control

Product Description

The ProLine Multicolor RGB+WW LED Amplifier from Armacost Lighting acts as a repeater for RGB+WW color changing LED strip lights.  Perfect for long LED lighting installations, the LED amplifier is compact in size and easy to conceal.  The LED repeater does not generate power, so it must be paired with an additional power supply to repeat remote signals.  When paired with the ProLine Multicolor RGB+WW Wi-Fi LED Controller, your installations can be controlled wirelessly using the Tuya smart app.

Product Specifications

Item #780002
Damp/Wet Rating
Dry Rated
12 or 24