LED Tape Light Mounting Channel 5-Pack (1m / 39 in. each)


  • Channels are an attractive way to complete a professional LED tape light strip installation
  • Conceal and protect LED tape light strips
  • Made from durable, high-quality aluminum
  • Flat profile for surface or recessed installations; corner profile for 45° directional lighting
  • Includes translucent diffusers to soften the light output and eliminate LED hot spots
  • Includes mounting hardware and end caps
  • 1m / 39 in. channels can be cut to length


These channels are made from high quality, double-anodized, aviation-grade aluminum alloy and are available in three profiles: straight, angled, and recessed. They can be fitted with the included frosted polymer cover to conceal the LEDs and diffuse the light output. Channels are useful for installations where the lighting will be visible, such as on the underside of a shelf or in a display cabinet, or to soften lighting to eliminate reflective hot spots on a nearby surface. They can be cut to length using a fine-tooth handsaw and run in sequence to create a longer fixture. They can be mounted to surfaces with the included brackets or double-sided adhesive tape (not included). The brackets guarantee easy and secure mounting to the desired surface, and can also be used as connectors between channels.

Download Instruction Manual