Universal+ Dimming LED Driver
12-Volt DC


The 12-Volt Universal+ Dimming LED Power Supply features a high power factor and works equally well with TRIAC forward phase and ELV reverse phase dimming. The compact and lightweight driver delivers smooth, flicker-free dimming from 0-100% with no pop-on or pop-off. With a power factor or 0.95+, the highly efficient dimmable driver meets most state regulatory requirements. Ideal for new or upgrade undercabinet lighting projects. For the best results use Armacost Lighting LED lights, switches and dimming light controls. Plug-in or hardwire with detachable AC power cord. Suitable for both dry and damp locations. Includes one power supply and one detachable AC power cord.



  • 12-Volt Universal+ driver for LED lights available in 24, 45, and 60 watts
  • Highly efficient drivers work with both forward and reverse phase dimming
  • Power factor of 0.95+ is California compliant
  • Compatible with most 120-volt AC dimmers for AC, DC, or wireless dimming
  • Cool to the touch; dry and damp location rated
  • Long 50,000+ hour lifespan with overload, short-circuit protection
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Extended 5 year limited warranty

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