Wireless Switch for wall mounting and receiver that plugs into any outletWireless Switch for wall mounting and receiver that plugs into any outlet

Wireless Switch


Add switched outlet convenience without any new wiring or hiring an electrician. Perfect for turning on and off your LED power supply or any other electrical device when you want to avoid running new in-wall wires.

The wireless transmitter easily surface mounts to walls and operates like a traditional designer-style light switch, or converts to a small, hand-held unit.

One wireless transmitter can be used to turn on and off multiple receivers installed in the same area.

Alternately, you can re-program each unit with a different channel code so that multiple switches can be operated in the same area to control different zones of lighting, or other electrical devices, without interference.

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  • No holes to cut, slim low profile, easily surface mounts
  • Designed to look and operate like a traditional light switch
  • RF technology works through walls, doors up to 50 ft. away
  • Various channels available to control multiple systems in same area
  • Lithium battery for transmitter is included
  • UL listed, FCC approved

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