What is an IP Rating?

IP20, IP54, IP65, IP67 icons with gazebo lit with outdoor LED tape light

Outdoor LED Lighting

At Armacost Lighting, we often get asked by customers who are considering deploying exterior lighting if our outdoor lighting products are waterproof. To define the level of water resistance, manufacturers of outdoor LED lighting utilize a measurement called Ingress Protection or IP Rating for short. IP rating standard 60529 was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission and is composed of two numbers:

1. The first number refers to ingress protection against solid objects and is rated on a scale from 0 (no protection) through 6 (fully protected).

2. The second number refers to liquid ingress protection and is rated from 0 (no protection) through 9 (high pressure, multi-directional protection).

When planning the use of outdoor LED lights, the second digit in the IP rating is the one to consider regarding water resistance because it refers to the degree of protection against liquids.

IP ratings explained

IP67 Armacost Lighting Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Our RibbonFlex Pro Waterproof products are all rated IP67, including Outdoor LED Tape Lights, 18” Single Color LED Strips, and 120V White Outdoor Strip Lights. Outdoor string lights or LED patio lights that are rated IP67 can be submerged in water at depth of up to 39” / 1M without damage. That submersion can last for up to 30 minutes.  Learn more in our Outdoor LED Tape Light Blog.

What does IP67 mean?

What’s the difference between IP65 and IP67?

An IP65 rated outdoor string light has protection against condensation and water spray, but it cannot be safely submerged in water. An IP67 rated LED light delivers superior waterproof protection to IP65 because of its more substantial protection against outdoor elements.

Outdoor LED tape light installed under a deck railing

Is IP65 OK for outdoor use?

In short, yes; an IP rating ending in 5 means that the product is protected against jets of water from any direction. Armacost Lighting offers a wide range of outdoor led lighting products that offer protection that is a minimum of IP65. Some of these include outdoor led strip lights, outdoor landscape lighting and porch lights.


What is the difference between IP20 and IP65?

Products rated IP20 have no protection against liquids whatsoever and are only protected against solid foreign objects greater than ½” or 12.5mm. That means this type of product is designed for indoor use, such as LED strips for under cabinet lighting. Products that are rated IP65 are designed to be used in exterior lighting applications, like outdoor string lights and landscape lights. Armacost Lighting doesn’t recommend using anything rated below IP65 when weather proofing is necessary.

In conclusion, when developing a plan for backyard lights, exterior accent lights, gazebo lights or other outdoor lighting projects it is important to consider the IP rating of the LED lighting products being utilized. Use products that are rated at least IP65 to assure that they are engineered and manufactured to a standard acceptable for outdoor use. This will allow your lighting deployment to provide utility and aesthetics for years to come.

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