Outdoor LED Strip Lights

White and multicolor outdoor LED tape light

Can you use strip lighting outside?

LED tape lighting is great for indoor applications like undercabinet lighting and other accents, but there are options available for outdoor LED lighting as well to help customize your exterior living spaces.


Are LED lights waterproof?

When considering which exterior LED lights are appropriate for a given application, it is important to consider what elements the product will be exposed to. Terms like water resistant and waterproof can provide some guidance as to how a product can be used, but many times it is important to consider the ingress protection, or IP rating of the product. The IP rating is an international standard that gives a rating of how well a product is protected against both water and dust. Although there is a lot of science and testing built into the ratings, there are a handful of ratings that are common in the marketplace.

IP ratings explained

Learn more in our What is an IP Rating? blog post.


Armacost Lighting Waterproof LED Tape Light

If your project includes adding strip lighting to a covered patio or porch, an IP54 rated product like the Armacost Lighting Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape Light Kit would be a good choice. If greater protection to water is needed, we recommend our IP67 rated RibbonFlex Pro Outdoor LED Strip Lights for Wet Locations or our 120V Outdoor LED Strip Light.

Hot tub with outdoor LED tape light

Indoor/outdoor power supply

How do you power an outdoor LED strip?

Low voltage outdoor LED strip lights must be connected to a wet rated LED driver for power. Our Indoor/Outdoor Standard Power Supplies are rated IP66 and are available in 12V and 24V models. 120V High Voltage LED Strips can be plugged directly into a standard outlet without an LED power supply.

We also offer a full line of accessories like LED Strip Light Connectors and Heat Shrink Tube to help customize any installation and ensure all of the components are ready for the elements.


Armacost Lighting Outdoor Landscape Lighting

We also have a variety of puck lights, porch lights, patio lights, and backyard lights to help complete any exterior lighting job. Our complete line of Portico Outdoor LED Lights is IP67 rated. The exclusive Portico Recessed Outdoor LED Light is available in three diameters, ranging from under an inch to 2.5 inches. Our versatile Mini Indoor/Outdoor Recessed lights are rated IP66 and are available in White LED Lights and Multicolor RGB. Our IP67 rated White Inground Well LED Landscape Light is perfect for deck, pool, garden, or pathway lighting.

Portico Recessed Outdoor LED Lights installed in a deck

Let us help you find the right Outdoor LED Strip Light or Deck & Landscape Light for your next project. Contact Armacost Lighting Customer Support if you need any assistance.