15 LED Lighting Products for Dad

15 LED Lighting Products for Dad

Looking for a Father’s Day gift? The Dad in your life probably has enough ties and coffee mugs, so this year get him something that he’ll love and that you can enjoy together! We curated a list of our 15 best LED lighting gift ideas for Dads. Explore LED strip lights, all-in-one tape light kits, outdoor landscape lighting, and more.

#1 RibbonFlex Home 24V RGB+W Multicolor Indoor Outdoor LED Strip Light Kit

RGB+W outdoor kit

Waterproof LED strip lighting is a fun and easy way to enhance outdoor living spaces. Dads will love the versatility of this color-changing strip light kit featuring RGB+W LED lights. RGB+W means that the strip light includes both white and multicolor LEDs, which creates a variety of bold colors and a pure white light. This all-in-one kit includes a power supply and RF remote control to adjust brightness, color display, and lighting effects. Shop Now

#2 RibbonFlex Home 24V Tunable White CCT LED Strip Light Kit


If your dad is looking for a practical, all-around accent lighting solution for kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms, this strip light kit is a perfect gift. Featuring tunable CCT technology, the white LED lights can be adjusted between a warm white 2700K to extra-cool daylight 5000K output. Color temperature selection and dimming control is easy with the included RF (radio frequency) remote that can work through walls and obstacles. Shop Now

#3 Portico Outdoor LED Puck Lights

Portico lights

Light up Dad’s outdoor spaces like decks, patios, docks, walkways, and steps with Portico LED Puck Lights. Our Portico Lighting System includes White Recessed Deck Lights in three diameters, Outdoor LED Power Supply, LED Light Controller, and 48” Extension Cables. All Portico components are easy to install and feature easy-to-use screw closure plugs that create secure, water-tight connections. Shop Now

#4 RibbonFlex Pro White 120V Outdoor LED Strip Light


Dad will love how easy it is to install these 120 Volt waterproof strip lights. The flexible LED strips plug directly into a standard outlet (no power supply required!) and are perfect for roof, walkway, deck, and patio lighting. Shop Now

#5 COB LED Strip Light Tape

COB strip light

Get Dad the latest and greatest in LED strip light technology. COB or “Chip-On-Board” tape light produces a uniform, continuous beam of light, which is perfect for installations next to shiny surfaces like counter tops or floors. Opposed to LED “dot” or “hot spot” reflections from traditional SMD tape light, COB LEDs create a seamless glow for a more even illumination. Shop Now

#6 RibbonFlex Home 24V White Indoor Outdoor LED Strip Light Kit with Remote

White outdoor kit

This white LED tape light kit is a perfect DIY lighting project gift for Dad. With weatherproof components, it is ideal for indoor or outdoor installations, including kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor decks, pool areas, and patios. Installation is easy with 3M peel-and-stick adhesive and a convenient wall plug. It’s ready to go right out of the box and comes with an RF wireless remote to control brightness and LED lighting effects. Shop Now

#7 RibbonFlex Home 24V RGB+W Multicolor Smart LED Strip Light Kit

Wifi kit

Buying for a tech-savvy Dad? A smart tape light kit would make a great gift. This multicolor RGB+W LED tape light kit can be controlled using an app available on iOS and Google Play stores. The color-changing, adhesive 24V LED lights are easy to install and come complete with an RF remote control, LED power supply, and installation accessories. Shop Now

#8 RibbonFlex Home USB Multicolor LED Strip Light Kit

Wifi kit

Nothing says Man Cave like interactive LED lights for TVs, theater systems, or gaming setups. Our multicolor USB LED tape light kit makes it easy to create a fun, vibrant ambiance in any room. The 20-inch strip lights can be plugged into any USB port to create a dynamic, color changing LED light display. Included RF wireless remote has 20 preset color and effect settings. (No additional software required.) Shop Now

#9 Waterproof LED Strips for Boat Lighting

18” strips

Is your dad a boat guy? Our 18” LED light strips are a great gift for nautical safety, courtesy, and navigation lighting. Blue 18-inch waterproof LED strip lights are ideal for nautical courtesy lighting in the cabin or cockpit on boats and yachts. Or they can be used as an interior decorative light for any marine vessel, including pontoons, kayaks, and fishing boats. We also have 18-inch red and green nautical navigation LED tape lights that can be used to indicate the port and starboard side of his vessel.

#10 RibbonFlex LUX AC Dimmable White COB LED Strip Light Kit

AC Dimmable COB kit

Give the gift of COB strip lighting with this all-in-one kit that comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. Seamless, spot-free illumination with no "hot spots" is easy with peel & stick installation and a convenient plug-in power supply. Pair the white COB LED light kit with a standard 120 volt in-wall dimmer switch (sold separately) so Dad can adjust the brightness level from 0-100%. Shop Now

#11 RibbonFlex Home 24V Continuous (COB) LED Strip Light Kit

Remote control COB kit

If your dad would prefer to control his COB tape light installation with a remote instead of a wall switch, this all-in-one kit is the perfect solution. It includes an RF (radio frequency) remote that can be used from up to 50 feet away and comes fully assembled for quick installation. Shop Now

#12 LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape light

If you love spending time outside with your dad, he might appreciate a landscape lighting gift to enrich your outdoor quality time. Shop our collection of waterproof landscape lighting, including inground, spike, puck, and recessed lights, to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living spaces, like yards, gardens & walkways, and decks. Shop Now

#13 24 Volt White LED Strip Lights

24V Tape light – white

Our versatile 24V white tape lights are available in various brightness options and include both SMD and COB models. 24 volt strip lights are ideal for longer installation runs and are perfect for under cabinet, task, and accent lighting. For a more complete gift for Dad, include a compatible dimmable or standard LED power supply, dimmer switch or remote control, and wall switch.

#14 RibbonFlex PRO+ 12V 3000K Soft White LED Strip Light Kit

PRO+ kit

Featuring professional-grade components, this deluxe tape light kit would be a perfect gift for a dad who already has it all. The fully assembled kit includes 16 feet of adhesive, soft white 3000K LED strip light, a 12 volt LED driver, and a premium RF remote control. Multiple kits can be controlled with one remote, so give Dad multiple kits for a larger installation. Shop Now

#15 RibbonFlex Home 24V Dim-to-Warm White LED Strip Light Kit

Dim to Warm Kit

If your dad likes to set the mood with adjustable color temperatures, or prefers a warmer ambiance, this dim-to-warm kit would make a great gift. Dim-to-warm functionality allows you to adjust the LED light color temperature from a soft bright white (3000K) to a warm white glow (1800K). LED lights are fully dimmable with the included remote control. Shop Now